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Child Support

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Child support is an important part of divorce proceedings. There are many factors that will be considered by the court, so it is best to have an attorney by your side. If you have questions about calculating child support or how to modify an existing order, consult an experienced family lawyer for guidance.

Denali Law Group represents clients throughout Alaska in child support cases, whether you seek to negotiate an order or modify an existing one. Let a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney handle your case.

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In Alaska, courts must follow specific guidelines to determine the amount of child support a parent may be required to pay. The most important factor considered is income. The child support calculation starts with figuring out each parent’s annual or monthly gross income. 

This includes unemployment compensation and the value of certain employer-provided benefits, such as housing and meals. Then, the custody arrangement will be factored in to determine the appropriate percentages of income based on time spent with the parent, number of children, and other unique circumstances.

Navigating these factors and advocating on your behalf is best accomplished with a knowledgeable attorney who knows what factors to bring up in your case. At Denali Law, we take pride in supporting our clients to achieve positive outcomes for their families.

Child Support FAQs

When is child support terminated?

Child support generally ends when a child becomes emancipated, which in Alaska is age 18. However, parents can petition the court for an order to continue child support if the child is unmarried, actively pursuing a high school diploma or equivalent vocational training, and living as a dependent with a parent or guardian. This order may provide for the support to be paid directly to the child if the court considers it appropriate.

Can you modify a child support order?

A court may deviate from the child support guidelines if it finds that unusual circumstances exist, such as large family size, very high or low family income, or extraordinary health expenses. A parent seeking to change or modify a child support order must show a material change in their circumstances. The court will presume that modification is appropriate if the difference between an existing award and the amount determined by a new analysis and application of the current child support guidelines varies by at least 15%. Keep in mind that the court retains its authority to deny a request to change child support if the change would be unfair.

How are child support payments determined?

A significant factor impacting the child support payments is the custody arrangement. The percentage of each parent’s net income that will be included in a support order depends on the amount of time they spend with the children. The types of custody considered in child support are primary, shared, divided, and hybrid custody.

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When you are unexpectedly facing legal challenges, you find yourself needing to retain the services of a trustworthy attorney. In family law matters, you should choose a firm like ours that has a proven record in the community. We have a combined 75+ years of experience and are dedicated to helping our clients get through cases involving divorce and all related issues.

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