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Marijuana DUI

Marijuana DUI Defense Attorneys

Protecting Anchorage Drivers from Wrongful Conviction

Marijuana may officially be legal now in the state of Alaska, but you will still need the help of Denali Law Group if you are pulled over under the influence of marijuana in Anchorage. Marijuana DUI’s are treated the same as DUI’s under the influence of alcohol – the main difference being that police officers do not yet have the same immediate roadside testing for a driver under the influence of alcohol. Still, drivers under the influence of marijuana will face driving suspension, jail time, community service, and further consequences without the help of an experienced Anchorage DUI defense attorney.

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How Marijuana Affects Driving Ability

Similar to the effects of alcohol and sleep deprivation on driving, those impaired by marijuana are not exactly aware of their own impairment.

To the driver, driving seems normal, but in reality, the following necessary skills a driver needs to have are negatively affected:

  • Reaction time
  • Short-term memory
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Concentration
  • Perception of time and distance

The above listed impairments are almost identical to those listed in referring to the negative effects of alcohol, meaning that by law, you are just as impaired, drove voluntarily, and are then in serious legal trouble.

How Police Officers Test for Marijuana DUI

Though there is not yet something like a breathalyzer for those intoxicated by THC, there are still are tests officers can legally perform. In addition to the same kinds of roadside sobriety tests, an officer can arrest you and, upon booking, take a blood sample for evidence. If this blood sample comes back with a certain level of THC detected, the courts may then assume that you were under the influence of the chemical at the time you were driving.

Here’s where the help of the Denali Legal Group comes in:

  • Any marijuana user will fail that test if they have used it within weeks or even months of the time he or she was driving.
  • The THC level present in your blood does nothing to prove that you were under the influence at the precise time you were pulled over. At best, it suggests that notion.
  • Our team will fight this unjust method of testing.

Your Anchorage Marijuana DUI Defense Attorney

The Anchorage DUI Lawyers at the Denali Legal Group do not believe that you should drive under the influence of marijuana. It can be just as deadly as driving under the influence of alcohol. We do believe, however, that the method of testing for marijuana DUI can be flawed, and we want to protect the innocent from unfair, ungrounded legal recourse.

We are your team to call if you or someone you know has recently been pulled over and arrest for a marijuana DUI in Anchorage.Call us today!

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