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Grounds for Premises Liability Claims

When you enter a property, there is a reasonable expectation of not getting injured. Property owners, landlords or managers are responsible for maintaining a relatively safe environment, known as premises liability. If you are injured as the result of negligence, several parties may be responsible for your injuries.

These injuries often occur from a dangerous condition on a property, whether it’s an apartment complex or shopping mall. Uncleared snow, wet floors, open excavations, lack of security, and uneven pavement are just a few examples of dangerous conditions that may warrant a premises liability claim. For example, if you slip and fall as the result of water on the floor of a kitchen that lacks warnings signs, the owner or manager of the restaurant may be responsible for your injuries.

In Alaska, slip and fall injuries are quite common, due to the abundance of snow and ice. While not every case is due to negligence, an attorney can help you determine if you have the possibility of a successful personal injury claim. If you are injured, these are a few of the things you must do:

  1. Seek medical attention: If you are severely injured, go to the ER. If not, patch yourself up but make an appointment to see a doctor as soon as possible. Medical documentation will play an important role in your personal injury case.
  2. Take photos of the dangerous condition that caused your injuries: Pull out your smartphone and get a few pictures and videos of the hazard. If you can’t do it because you’re in the hospital, ask a friend or your attorney to do it.
  3. Collect information: That includes the names, addresses, phone numbers of the property owner and any witnesses.
  4. Seek legal guidance: After alerting the business owner of your injuries, call an experienced personal injury attorney and get advice on whether or not you have a premises liability claim.

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