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Domestic Violence & Wrongful Accusations

Being wrongfully accused of domestic violence is a frightening time. If convicted, your entire life could change. Even just being charged with domestic violence can have a devastating effect on your personal and professional relationships. Quick and effective action is necessary to navigating this situation as smoothly as possible.

Have you been falsely accused of domestic violence? Follow these tips:

  1. Get in Touch with a Trusted Domestic Violence Attorney: First, you will want to make sure your rights are upheld and that someone is going to be fighting for your best interests. Obtaining legal guidance at the beginning of your case can prove to be invaluable as the situation unfolds.
  2. Protect Your Valuables/Important Documentation: Although you may hope that the other party will “fight fair”, you would be wise to make sure all of your important possessions are safely stowed. In addition, you want to make sure that important documents like your driver’s license, birth certificate, car titles, banking information and more are out of reach.
  3. Be Vocal about Your Side of the Story: Tell trusted friends and family members about what happened and what your concerns are. This can prepare them for whatever they might hear in the future and help them be more willing to consider both sides of the story.
  4. Gather Evidence of Abuse or Wrongful Conduct: In some cases, the person who is accusing you of domestic violence is actually committing domestic violence against you. If this is the case, gather as much evidence as you safely can about your situation.

Fight Wrongful Accusations with an Anchorage Domestic Violence Lawyer!

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