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3 Tips to Follow if You're Being Arrested

Being arrested is an experience that nobody is ever truly prepared for. In the heat of the moment, you may not know what to do or how to react to the allegations that are being brought against you. Knowing how to respond in the midst of an arrest can greatly help your case.

These three tips will help you successfully navigate an arrest:

  • Remain Calm & Collected: Although you are understandably stressed and angry, don’t let your emotions dig you into a deeper hole. Be respectful in your interactions with law enforcement.
  • Don’t be Guilty of TMI: Give the officers your name and necessary basic identification or information. Beyond that, wait to speak until you have a lawyer present.
  • Make Your Calls: Make sure that you get your phone calls. Call a lawyer for legal advice and get in touch with a relative. Assume that your calls with your relatives are being monitored.

Give as little information to the police as possible while still complying with their basic requests. You don’t want to incriminate yourself even if you have done nothing wrong. You are allowed to refuse to answer their questions, but answering politely will get you much further in the long run.

Need Legal Guidance? Call an Anchorage Criminal Defense Lawyer.

After you’ve been arrested, it’s important to get legal help you can trust. At Denali Law Group, our attorney team shares more than 75 years of experience and can represent clients throughout Alaska. As former prosecutors, we have an inside perspective on how the opposition will prepare their case. Through relentless preparation, our criminal defense team can craft a case that fights for each of our client’s best interests.

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