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Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you have the right to compensation for your losses. However, while justice is deserved, it’s not always given, so you may have to fight for this right. If you’re not experienced in law, this may be a confusing and stressful experience that usually leads to unsatisfactory results. However, you might be hesitant to hire an attorney, thinking that the cost isn’t worth what services they can provide. This is far from true, in fact there are many reasons why hiring a Wasilla personal injury lawyer could be the best decision you’ve made.

Personal Injury Law is Complex

When it comes to your injuries, the laws are extremely complex and nuanced. You’ll have to file the proper types of paperwork at the right time to make sure your case is properly managed, you’ll have to deal with the responses from your insurance company or whoever is responsible for your injuries, and you’ll have to know and be able to apply seemingly countless numbers of statutes and provisions. An attorney has the training, education, and the ability to do this effectively.

Insurance Companies Send Huge Teams of Lawyers

What happens when you try to play tennis against a professional like Roger Federer? Odds are you probably get handily beaten. The same can happen when you try to stand up and pursue your legal rights against an attorney from whoever is responsible for paying for your losses. Insurance companies employ massive legal departments and are not afraid to deploy a team of attorneys to try to combat your claims and settle the case in their favor. However, when you have an attorney fighting on your side, a successful outcome becomes much more attainable.

Contingency Fee Schedule

Unlike other types of attorneys, such as criminal defense, family law, or civil suit, personal injury attorneys aren’t paid based on the amount of time they work for you. Instead, they are paid based on how much they’re able to recover on your behalf. In fact, many successful personal injury attorneys include their fees in settlement demands and win them in addition to the award they get for you. This means you get the settlement you need at no cost to you!

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