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Am I Eligible for Expungement?

Expungement is the opportunity to erase a prior criminal conviction from the public record. The conviction is sealed and can help you move past your conviction and gain opportunities which would have been out of reach with a criminal record. Expungement is a favor given to individuals who can prove that their expungement is at the favor of society.

Expungement Eligibility

Expungement is only available in situations where a mistake was made. It is possible that mistaken identity caused an innocent person to be convicted, especially in cases of identity theft. There are other methods to seal records available to those who were convicted without a mistake. A pardon from the governor can allow records to be sealed. You may not be eligible for expungement, but it still may be possible to have your records sealed.

If you were convicted mistakenly, you can submit a petition to the head of the agency that is responsible for maintaining past convictions and current offender information. Your attorney can help you prepare and submit your petition. The agency will review your petition and determine if it will be granted or denied. If you are ineligible for expungement, you can still petition the governor for a pardon, which will serve the same purpose. If a pardon is granted, your records will be sealed and your criminal conviction can be set aside, which means that your record will treat the conviction as if it had never occurred unless you are charged with a later crime. If this occurs, your criminal record will be considered during your trial.

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