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What is the Difference between Possession & Possession with Intent?

Drug crimes are associated with severe penalties in Alaska. While a conviction for drug possession leads to extensive jail sentences and costly fines, being accused of drug possession with intent to sell can result in being convicted of drug distribution and serving a lengthy prison sentence.

Drug Possession

A person can be charged with drug possession if he or she is arrested holding a small amount of an illegal drug or controlled substance that is only mean for personal use. In order to be convicted of drug possession, a person must knowingly have the drug on their person or in their immediate control – such as having it in your vehicle or in your home.

Drug Possession

Drug possession with intent to distribute is typically charged to those who possess a large amount of any illegal drug or controlled substance. Police officers can tell if a suspect is involving in sales or distribution based on the packaging of the drugs (such as being in the form of large bricks or broken up into small baggies), as well as the presence of a weight scale or a large amount of cash.

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