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Top 3 Crimes Committed During the Holidays

For most, the holidays are a time for cheer, family, and love. This time of year can also be a time of chaos as families shuffle from store to store trying to find the perfect present for their relatives. Criminals like to take advantage of all the chaos to commit their crimes. In this blog, our Anchorage criminal defense lawyer explores the top 3 most common offenses committed during the holidays.

1.Drunk Driving – After work social gatherings, family get-togethers and parties with your friends mean an increase in the opportunity to partake in libations. Unfortunately, many people choose to drink and drive, which means an increase in DUIs. In fact, the number of DUI’s increases by 33% during the Christmas holidays.

2.Identity Theft: Thieves can steal your credit card information, social security number or other personal information both online and offline. Through phishing, skimming or physically taking this information, identity thieves are able to snatch your personal information. Protect your information this year by staying vigilant. Check your bank account statements, credit card statements and credit reports often to catch fraud.

3.Shoplifting: Shoplifting reaches an all-time high during the December holidays. Many families, strapped for cash, take advantage of the busyness and chaos of the holidays and shoplift.

Were you arrested for one of these crimes over the holidays? Criminal charges can affect you for the rest of your life, which is why retaining an attorney to protect your rights is imperative for the success of your case. Let our skilled Anchorage criminal defense attorney help you.

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