Kidnapping in Alaska

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In Alaska, kidnapping is a felony charge, resulting in extended prison sentences and expensive fines. If you have been arrested and charged with kidnapping, it is important to obtain legal representation from an experienced and reliable attorney.

At Denali Law Group, we are dedicated to protecting your rights, reputation, and freedom from a variety of violent crimes, including kidnapping. Asa former prosecutor, our Anchorage criminal defense lawyer possesses a thorough understanding of state laws and court processes, including how the prosecution will approach your case.

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Kidnapping Penalties

According to Alaska law, an individual commits the crime of kidnapping if he or she restrains another person by secreting and holding them in a place where the restrained person is unlikely to be found or expose the restrained person to a significant risk of serious bodily injury. Kidnapping is considered an unclassified felony, resulting in a definite term of imprisonment of at least five years, but not more than 99 years.

The offender should have the intention to do one or more of the following:

  • Hold the restrained individual for ransom, reward, or other payment
  • Use the restrained individual as a hostage or shield
  • Inflict serious injury upon or sexually assault or abuse the restrained individual or place the restrained individual or a third person in apprehension that anyone will be subjected to serious injury or sexual assault or abuse.
  • Interfere with the performance of a government or politically based function
  • Facilitate the commission of a felony or flight after committing a felony

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