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Are you a marijuana retailer or grower? If you need help formulating a business plan and assistance with quality control, our Anchorage marijuana lawyers can help. While Alaska has not yet made it legal, with the ballot measure in place, we are prepared to help businesses once it does. At Denali Law Group, we have a strict focus on guiding our clients through complex legal matters, remaining up to date with the latest changes in marijuana law. We know that not many people do not understand what these new updates to the law and regulations could mean for them, so we work hard to help you understand your rights and options. Having strong legal counsel on your side can prove to be beneficial as you expand your business.

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While marijuana is not yet legal in Alaska, many retailers and growers are starting to pop up and open shop. Not all of these individuals or businesses know what to expect when the new laws are in place. We are ready to help you understand what these new laws will mean for your business and what to do if you are found to be in violation of these laws. We have more than 75 years of combined legal experience and our attorneys come from many different backgrounds. If you have a legal matter, the odds are high that we have experienced a similar situation before and know how to approach your case.

Preparation is the Key

At Denali Law Group, we believe that preparation is the key to success. For our criminal defense practice, this means making sure we have every detail possible for your case. When it comes to marijuana law, this means ensuring that you are within regulation prior to any issues arising. When you reach out to our firm, you won't have to go through an endless automated system. You will have someone to speak with and answer your questions. This is our commitment to helping you in the most effective way possible.

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