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Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Being arrested and charged with a criminal offense can be a frightening and emotionally overwhelming experience, whether you are innocent or at fault. Everyone has a right to defend themselves.

While some consider fighting these charges on their own; however, navigating through the legal system on your own can be extremely complex and challenging. Unless you are familiar with Alaska law, it is imperative to obtain the legal services of a qualified criminal defense lawyer. Having an experienced and skilled attorney on your side can be extremely helpful.

The following are the benefits of hiring a criminal defense attorney:

  • They understand what it takes to successful defend the accused. Criminal lawyers have studied and trained to understand every aspect of criminal law and court procedures. They can examine all of the facts and evidence in a case and determine all of your available legal options in order to help a client obtain the most favorable outcome possible.
  • They possess an extensive knowledge of the legal system. If you choose to defend yourself, you may be facing unfamiliar terrain since you do not have the comprehensive understanding of the prosecutors, judges, and other crucial members of law you will encounter. On the other hand, a criminal attorney has developed close relations with members of the criminal justice system, which will definitely work to your advantage
  • They can protect you from serious penalties. Even if you are innocent, there is still a possibility of receiving a sentence or penalty. Having a criminal lawyer on your side can help you get are case dismissed entirely without experiencing any negative repercussions. However, if you plead guilty or are found guilty, they can make sure that your penalties are reduced and not fair.
  • They can handle damage control. When you have a lawyer, law enforcement is prohibited from contacting you without going through him or her first. Every decision will have to go through the legal counsel, protecting you from making any mistakes that may jeopardize your case.
  • They save you time. Criminal lawyers can anticipate unexpected situations of various criminal cases. They know how to proceed through the proceedings as quickly and accurately as possible, saving you precious time.
  • They provided consistent emotional and moral support. Facing criminal charges can cause fear, depression, anxiety, and perhaps shame. While your attorney investigates your case, collects evidence, handles all of the necessary paperwork, and develops an effective defense strategy, he or she can also help you cope with these emotions.

If you were recently arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Alaska, request a free consultation with our Anchorage criminal defense attorney at Denali Law Group today.