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Disorderly conduct is often referred to as “disturbing the peace,” where an individual or group of people are being disruptive, startling, angering, being a general annoyance to the public, or lead to the possibility of committing a crime. Law enforcement is quick to arrest anyone who may be acting disorderly if one’s actions are affecting others.

It is important to seek legal representation as soon as possible if you are facing charges of disorderly conduct. Our Anchorage criminal defense lawyers at Denali Law Group are well-versed in the laws and can use that to your advantage when forming a defense.

Disorderly Conduct Laws in Alaska

Many behaviors can constitute disorderly conduct charges in Alaska. It extends to behaviors that may be considered offensive or obnoxious to others, but not necessarily violent or malicious. Thus, this charge is considered a misdemeanor. If convicted, it may lead to as much as 90 days in jail, a fine of $2, 000, or a combination of the two.

Some examples of disorderly conduct:

  • Loitering
  • Starting a riot
  • Being unreasonably loud or noisy
  • Challenging another person to fight
  • Refusing to comply with a police officer’s orders
  • Behaving in a manner that disturbs someone’s peace or privacy
  • Creating a situation that may be harmful or dangerous with no justification

As Anchorage criminal defense attorneys, we understand full well the impact a criminal conviction can have on your livelihood and your future. Although disorderly conduct may not be as severe as other offenses, you may still face substantial penalties that may leave a mark on your record and follow you for many years after.

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