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DUI assistance

If you've been arrested in Alaska for a DUI then you're facing heavy fines and possibly prison time and the loss of your license. At Denali Law Group our experienced attorneys know DUI law inside and out and will get you proper representation to ensure that your rights aren't being violated.

How we help you

When we start working with you on your DUI case one of the first things we do is demand the police reports, recordings and other relevant information from the prosecutor. We use these to evaluate the case and then we contact you to discuss our assessment.

If you have a valid driver's license when you're arrested for a DUI you're given temporary driving privileges for 7 days. However, if you hire us as your DUI attorney within 7 days of your arrest, we schedule a notice of hearing to work to increase your temporary driving privileges. 
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Your court hearings

An "arraignment" is your first court hearing, and a plea of "Not Guilty" is entered, and a trial date is scheduled by the judge. You do not need to be at your arraignment if you've hired us, as we will enter the "Not Guilty" plea for you. Our DUI attorneys will keep you informed about all court proceedings and which hearings you will need to appear at.

There are several possible ways that DUI cases can end. Your case may be dismissed, it may be possible to negotiate the charges to a lesser offense, there may be pre-trial "motions" in which we ask the court to exclude or suppress evidence, your case may go to trial in which you'll be either acquitted or convicted. Finally, you may choose to plead guilty to a DUI.
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Keep in touch with us

When you start working with us we have you sign a Consent to Proceed which means that on a misdemeanor an attorney may appear on your behalf. On felony charges you must appear at every court appearance or risk additional fines. It's important to notify us immediately if you move or change your phone number so that we can keep you up to date on court proceedings and let you know which hearing dates you have to attend.
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