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Q: What types of drug offenses do you handle?
A: Our firm handles the legal defense for a wide range of drug offenses. This includes possession of illegal drugs and controlled substances, the sale of drugs, drug trafficking, drug distribution, drug cultivation, and more. These are serious offenses and we can offer you strong legal representation. Fill out a case evaluation today with the details of your situation.

Q: What happens if I am convicted of domestic violence?
A: If you are found guilty of domestic violence, you could be facing serious fines and fees, significant jail time, and will likely have to deal with a very restrictive restraining order. In the case that the domestic violence was against a spouse or involved child endangerment or neglect, you may not be able to come in contact with your family.

Q: How complex is the personal injury claim process and can I handle it on my own?
A: Filing a personal injury claim is very complex and can be confusing and overwhelming to deal with, especially while you are dealing with physical pain and injuries. Although you may legally be able to represent yourself, it is highly advisable that you retain a lawyer.

Q: What will happen to my assets in a divorce?
A: This depends greatly on your specific situation and whether you and your spouse had a pre-nuptial agreement. However, the division of assets in Alaska are typically split equally between two parties during the property settlement procedure. You can rely on our team to ensure your assets are divided fairly in your divorce.

Q: What are the legal consequences of sexual assault?
A: The repercussions depend on the circumstances of the sexual assault and the decision that the judge makes. If there was a deadly weapon used in the crime, if the victim suffered very serious injuries, or if the victim was a minor, you could be facing more jail time or more serious consequences.

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